Human Rights and Gender

Sexual and reproductive health is not only about access to services and care, but also about rights, empowerment, equality, and justice. Women in Africa organize themselves in NGOs, associations and various institutions to seek power and freedom.
Go Africa offers workshops on gender issues in Africa with specific focus on health or research. We address the issue of gender balance and equality in research in order to close the gaps in participation of women in science. This includes gender balance in decision-making and intergrating the gender dimension in the research and innovation content.
Go Africa advises European NGOs and networks on developing project proposals for the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020, funded by the European Commission, Directorial General Justice. The programme contributes to the further development of equality and the rights of persons, as enshrined in international human rights conventions. Specific objectives of the programe are to promote equality between women and men, gender mainstreaming and prevention of violence against girls and women.
Katharina Kuss recently held a workshop on women’s health in Africa at the conference: Influence of culture and subjective views on women health, organised by a German network of independent organizations working on women’s health (AKF e.V.)
Prior to this Katharina Kuss was employed by the German organisation TERRE DES FEMMES (TDF) as project coordinator of the EU funded project CHANGE, focusing on strengthening African women living in Europe. TDF is a non-profit human rights organisation that supports girls and women affected by violence through campaigns, outreach work, individual counselling.