Health Research

Go Africa was a project partner of the Poverty Related Disease College – An International Programme on Biomedicine and Development (PRD College). The programme was funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme from 2009 to 2013 under the grant agreement number 22358.
The objective of PRD College was to support the next generation of researchers from African and European countries to start collaborations at an early stage in their career in order to enable them to place science within the context of development in Africa. The project focussed on strengthening research capacities and training young researchers in application of health research results for development and solution of contemporary problems. Research capacities were strengthened at three PRD Centres in Uganda, South Africa and Cameroon by involving MDs, PhD Students and Post-Docs from Africa and Europe in the programme.

Go Africa was responsible for the management of PRD College and the communication strategy, particularly the development of project website, newsletter and representation of the project in international conferences and meetings. GO Africa also contributed to strengthening research management skills, particularly on project cycle management and public relations.

Prior to PRD COLLEGE, Katharina Kuss was contracted for the coordination and management of the Contact Point Network to attract Young African Scientists to participate in EU-funded research programmes on PRD (CPN-YAS-PRD), funded by the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme from 2006 to 2010 under the grant agreement no 37735.

The overall objective of this coordination and support action was to create a network of Regional Contact Points in Sub-Saharan Africa to ensure that young African scientists are encouraged, motivated and facilitated with the necessary information to participate in EU-funded research programmes on poverty related diseases.